Human and Artificial Intelligence


collaborating in the cloud

Neurite provides software solutions to transform the continuously growing available data into useful knowledge to assist in decision-making processes.

OKB Platform

Code-free platform that combines Numerical Models and Artificial Intelligence to obtain up-to-date knowledge from a variety of open and private data sources.

OKB Blocks

Reusable components that can be easily combined on the OKB Platform to create complex data processes that run continously 
in the cloud.

New life for static data spreadsheets

Already existing Excel spreadsheets can be converted to OKB blocks with minimal effort, allowing automatic data updating and interaction with other existing processes.


Open Knowledge Blocks




  • Integration of hydrologic models with AI

  • Current state of hydrologic resources

  • Data quality and error detection

  • Forecast on hydrological resources

  • Risk prediction

  • Early Warning System

Smart City

  • Combine weather forecasts with interdependencies among critical services

  • Risk prevention

  • Environmental safety

  • Asset security

Retail sector

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Customer knowledge

  • Cost reduction

  • Process automation

  • Revenue and sales prediction

  • Impact of business strategies


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